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Again it was a pleasure for us to participate in another project of the city of Fulda. The building of the St. Elisabeth church in Fulda could be integrated into the building area of the school in the future -for example as a refectory or auditorium- and become a learning campus for children. For the digital planning department of the ‘Objektplanung und Hochbau Magistrat der Stadt Fulda’, the new digital ALLPLAN model of the church structure acts as the perfect basis for planning the complex building services in 3D. The high level of detail of the ALLPLAN software ensures time and cost efficient planning. The required data (point clouds) of the existing building were delivered by Vokal + Partner within a few days. Also, the data sets of the point clouds were prepared accordingly for ALLPLAN modeling in 3D, which was done by MAP INDOOR architects. Many thanks to all contributors of the city of Fulda and MAP INDOOR for the good cooperation. www.vokal.de www.fulda.de STRONG BRAND. STRONG TEAM. STRONG TECHNOLOGY.