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IT solutions for more efficiency

Hardware & software tools for your individual projects.

Hardware & software tools from leading manufacturers, including hidden champions for your individual projects, sensible & future-proof.

Without IT, digital transformationis unthinkable. From the very beginning, MAP INDOOR has been concerned with offering optimal customer solutions and concepts that go far beyond the possible applications in building construction, traffic engineering, industry and FM.

We support you in implementing the virtual data with IT and cloud solutions (hardware and software implementation) and also provide the necessary IT support tailored to your needs.

One of the most elementary digital tools is, of course, the indoorviewer with the web-based panoramic view of the interiors.

Your advantages: Process acceleration/integration into existing processes, process quality/simplification, cost reduction.

More sensible and sustainable

IT-Support by MAP INDOOR

The challenge:

An optimal software and hardware infrastructure, combined with a comprehensive archiving solution.


MAP INDOOR follows the principle: “The necessary.” (as opposed to: “everything possible.”) Accordingly, you can also rely on us to provide you with a customized package for your individual needs in the area of IT and technology.

The Indoorviewer

hub around data use.


Bring your object to life virtually with panoramic images and 3d functionality Set POI’s, navigate through buildings or selectively take the right dimensional data. The viewer serves as a hub for planning, coordination and control, monitoring, administration and marketing.

By displaying multiple indoor viewer windows, you can compare properties and real estate without having to be on site.

With our innovative scanning technologies and PointCloud technology, we enable users to access 3d documentation quickly (up to 50,000 sqm daily) and easily (via smartphone and web browser).

By making this data available to your customers online, you open up a wide range of possible uses with enormous added value.

True to life, during the planning phase, on the construction site or in building management.

The result is a clear, easy-to-understand virtual representation of your architecture – in a familiar interface, customized, ready-to-use.

  • Easy communication with all project participants
  • Move around the room with the pc mouse
  • Direct search for POI’s possible
  • Dimensional data acceptance
  • Point cloud activatable
  • Floor selection in the building
  • Map view allows movement in floor plan

Our Indoorviewer projects

Trade fair after trade fair

Trade fair after trade fair

Museum renovation

Museum renovation

School renovation

School renovation

Navvis GmbH

We are happy to recommend the company Vokal + Partner to interested companies or institutions. Since 2015, Vokal + Partner has been a highly valued mapping partner of NavVis GmbH, headquartered in Munich. We are happy to recommend Vokal + Partner for challenging projects, especially those that require a high degree of accuracy or involve sophisticated 3d modeling.

In the past years we have realized numerous projects together. The cooperation was good and trusting. In addition, the input of Vokal +Partner also flows into the further development of our hardware and software products.

We are convinced that we will continue to work very well together in the future.


Dr. Felix Reinshagen, CEO

Data preparation & data qualification –

Also a MAP INDOOR service.


Are you planning a new building and want to check which inventory data you can draw on? We help you identify the appropriate data. Qualified is what helps to reduce costs in your current project and can contribute to more project transparency in a target/actual analysis. We will also be happy to carry out such a target/actual analysis for you on request.

Inventory data that can be processed and used for new projects include:


  • Older 3d building models (surface or volume models)
  • Point clouds
  • Coordinate systems (UTM, GK or local)
  • Fixed point field
  • old building inventory plans
  • old & historical photo documentation

We will be happy to provide you with an offer to evaluate and classify the quality of your data based on various criteria with regard to:


  • The accuracy of data,
  • the completeness of the data,
  • the relevance of the data for specific tasks and applications,
  • the timeliness of data,
  • the reliability of data,
  • the consistency of data across systems and sources, and
  • the availability and accessibility of the data.

Our projects in data qualification

Digital terrain model

Digital terrain model

Color point cloud

Color point cloud






If you do not have the possibility to provide the collected and processed data to your customers online via your servers, then we offer appropriate hosting and online storage solutions (open soure / proprietary) with MAP INDOOR Cloud.

To archive processed point cloud data and 3D models, MAP INDOOR offers secure cloud hosting and storage solutions. Also good to know: Whether further software or hardware, you can also rent or buy both directly from us.


Our hosting solutions

Office building

Office building

Museum / Gallery

Museum / Gallery



Staatliches Bauamt München 1

“The new digital as-built model of the Neue Pinakothek in Munich forms the basis for planning the building services in 3d.

On the client side, advantages are seen above all in the integration and coordination of the complex building technology. The high level of detail, especially in the early service phases, is intended to ensure cost- and schedule-efficient planning.

Vokal + Partner was already entrusted with the as-built survey of the museum building including its surroundings (laser scan) in 2016 and provided the point cloud, set up the web-based indoor viewer and prepared the data for further BIM modeling (Revit).”

Milan Chakrabarti, Department management StBA München 1

Our routing and HD maps solutions

Parking garage

Parking garage

City quarter

City quarter



Intuitive Turn-by-Turn Navigation

with augmented reality arrows


The vanillaNAV Indoor Postioning technology does not require any investment in costly WLAN or Bluetooth Beacon infrastructure. Costly maintenance costs are also eliminated. Instead, our intuitive turn-by-turn navigation works simply via visual navigation markers.

For this purpose, small QR codes are placed on the floor or walls. These enable indoor positioning with centimeter accuracy and absolute reliability. Once the destination guidance has been started, the app recognizes these navigation markers and guides the user intuitively to the destination via augmented reality navigation arrows.

Trade fair after trade fair

experience through MAP INDOOR


The virtual use of exhibition stands brings numerous advantages:

  • lower costs
  • increased range
  • efficient interaction with participants
  • high flexibility, especially when it comes to your customers’ time.

Have significantly more influence on these marketing and sales processes with a digital twin of your trade show booth. Invite your customers to an interactive tour in real time at your booth. Conveniently on the computer/tablet/mobile phone with or without VR glasses and, in particular, without being tied to a specific location or time.

Our teams capture complete exhibition stands without contact and provide data for your digital exhibition stand.




We will be happy to advise you on all aspects of IT design in the context of a major project.

Based on the detailed project scope, we can determine the planned hardware and software resources so that there are no delays or interruptions in the project processing.

Subject specific software

Independently of our technology and services related to high-precision indoor detection, you can also get access to specialized software through MAP INDOOR.


  • Leasing of licenses via our license server, e.g. GstarCAD, PointCAB, etc.
  • Rental of workstations and thus the possibility to remotely access e.g. CAD programs, GstarCAD, etc. via Team Viewer
  • Software sale

Ask us

Hardware server or measurement equipment

  • You can also purchase or rent suitable hardware servers for your own point cloud management or data processing through MAP INDOOR. For larger projects, where the administration or further processing of the data is foreseeable to be complex, we will be happy to advise you on the appropriate hardware server solution.
  • Renting measuring equipment



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