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Recently we had the nice task to support the reconstruction of an old stone sculpture. Using an Artec Eva scanner, a highly detailed, flawless 3D model of a stone sculpture was digitally captured in a Munich cemetery within approximately 30 minutes.

Thanks to its advanced capturing technology, high user-friendliness and portability, the scanning device can capture all kinds of shapes indoors or outdoors and process the acquired 3D data directly on site.

The 3D model enabled Oppenrieder GmbH to simulate the production processes in order to identify sources of interference in advance and to estimate the time required. After 20 hours of milling in the machine, the shell limestone was processed and finalised by hand in a further 30 hours.

The integration of 3D models in the production process of stonemasonry and artwork shortens the manufacturing process enormously and reduces costs.

A wonderful project. Many thanks to the company Oppenrieder GmbH.

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