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The relaunch of www.mapindoor.eu took a little longer – but dealing intensively with the own website between various customer projects, requests and deadlines turned out to be really not easy at times. Especially since our own website reflects the know-how, our skills, what we do and who we are.

MAP INDOOR now stands for so much more than “just” capturing objects using 3D laser scanning. This made it all the more difficult to reconcile all the information necessary for the customer.

Our approach: The new website should be representative, communicative and above all informative.

We have prepared fresh content for you – apart from the changes in appearance and structure.

Under “Your industry” you can find out in a subject-specific and target-oriented way how we have worked so far, what we have implemented in a variety of projects and what advantages (also for you) result from this.

In the services section, we explain in more detail the specific areas in which we can support our customers.

The “News” section has also received a makeover, with a visual upgrade to our blog posts.

From now on, the FAQ section will be further expanded and your questions will also be taken into account.

We hope you will visit us often in the future and we will do our best to keep the website up to date for you.