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On behalf of the IMD -Immobilienmanagement der Stadt Duisburg- we -Vokal + Partner together with the MAP INDOOR partner network- could recently hand over an extremely representative 3d building model of an elementary school. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved for the great project and the excellent cooperation. Things are moving forward in Duisburg. With “Smart City,” Duisburg is increasingly relying on digital methods for the planning, construction and operation of buildings of all kinds for sustainable real estate management. The “BIM” will be used in particular for the implementation of construction projects, while the “CAFM” is relevant for the operation and management of buildings.As a basis for the construction measures at the Grundgesamtschule Mozartstraße and for the CAFM, a 3d building model was created by our modelers on the basis of the collected data in ALLPLAN 2020, according to. CAD specification created in LOD/LOI 300. Currently, we are in preparation for the upcoming 3d modeling of the gym.

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